1. RespiQuizz participants are clinical level medical faculty students, representing their respective universities.
  2. Each university is only allowed to send 1 team, 1 team consists of 2 students.
  3. The work of RespiQuizz Online CBT questions can be done in groups (1 team)
  4. The User ID provided by the committee can only be used once.
  5. RespiQuizz Online CBT access can only be done with 1 device (PC / LAPTOP / NOTEBOOK) * choose one
  6. RespiQuizz CBT Online questions are 30 questions and are completed in 30 minutes.
  7. The processing time will start counting immediately after clicking the "START" button
  8. When finished you can click the "FINISH" button then the answer will automatically be saved by the Respina server system
  9. If the CBT Online is finished, the answer will automatically be saved and please click the "FINISH" button.
  10. If during the quizz, a problem is found or the server is not responding, you can contact the Respina Committee at email or by telephone / sms / WA (0857-1933-5220)
  11. Respina Committee does not tolerate all forms of fraud and actions that can be detrimental. Participants found guilty of cheating will be subject to sanctions.

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Participants :

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