Participants :

  1. Doctors, Medical Students, Pharmacologists and Biology Scientist.
  2. Free Paper participants must be registered as “The 22nd International Meeting on Respiratory Care Indonesia” (Respina 2020) participants. The submitted free paper is a result of a research and not a case report.
  3. Deadline registration for free paper submission at the latest March, 19th 2020.
  4. Submitted abstract should be written in English and will through selection process. The writer of the chosen abstract will be contacted through telephone or email and must submit the full paper to Respina 2020.
  5. The selected participants must be delivering their presentation in English. Slides should be formatted in  MS Powerpoint format (.ppt) in 8-10 slides and should be submitted at last 10 minutes prior to presentation session. Each participant will be given 10 minutes for presentation and 2.5 minutes for discussion session with the judges.
  6. If the participant is not present at the discussion session, he/she is considered abstain and will not receive the participation certificate.

Assessment Criteria :

  1. Topic must be related with Respiratory Care theme: “Now or It’s Too Late” Focus on : Respiratory Emergency.
  2. Original work from the participants themselves.
  3. Research methodology.
  4. Match between the title and the content of the paper.
  5. Benefit of the research.
  6. Mastering the content of the paper at the time of the presentation and the discussion session.

Terms of the Preparation :
1. Abstract

  1. The abstract must be typed and printed in English.
  2. The abstract must be written in minimum 100 words and maximum 250 words.
  3. The abstract must include the title, the writer’s names, the institution’s name, the background, the material and method, the result and the conclusion.
  4. The title must be typed entirely in uppercase letters, while the author’s names are written in lowercase letters and without the degree, and the presenter’s name imprinted on the first order.
  5. The abstract must be typed with 1 line spacing distance of the MS Word programs and Arial font with size 10.
  6. The abstract and registration form should be sent by email attachment to both Respina email addresses:
  7. The deadline of abstract for free paper presentation is no later than May 19th   2020.

2. Full Paper

  1. Full paper has not been published previously or included in another scientific competitions.
  2. Full paper should be written in English. Typed using MS Word with Arial font, size 10, the line spacing distance of 1.5 on A4 paper and with a distance of 3 cm from the top, bottom, right and left side of the paper edge.
  3. The maximum number  pages is 10 pages (including graphics, tables, images, and references).
  4. Full paper consists of :
    1. Title is written in capital letters and not using acronym.
    2. Author’s name and institution’s name are written under the title.
    3. Specified author’s names are the ones who contributed to :
      1. The conceptualization, analysis, and data interpretation.
      2. The preparation of the article.
      3. The final approval to be published.
    4. The main author’s name / the presenter is    written on the first order on the authors’   names.
    5. Content consists of background, material and methods, result, and discussion parts.
    6. Reference is written based on Vancouver system with the minimum number of literature is 10 and the maximum number is 25 literatures.
    7. The appendix.
  5. The full paper should be sent via email attachment to both Respina email addresses :
  6. The chosen participants must submit their full papers at the latest June 19th 2020.

Download the flyer here